GBI Austin Texas Has  Stellar New Site!

5 years ago
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We were more than happy to help GBI Austin, Texas build out a fresh site similar to their Corporate Headquarters. They had some pretty great visuals for the home page, which obviously makes the site way attractive!  Sarah brought in a design concept that we were happy to replicate for them.


They wanted to got live before the summer was out.  Our multi-dealer feature made it easy to replicate the Corporate Great Basin Industrial website.  We then omitted pages that weren’t relevant to their business in Texas.  They could also go in and customize their site how they’d like.

Using our eCommerce feature, we were able to build out a Product page for them, where they can add in previous commercial work.  Our tool doesn’t just have to be for selling products….It can be used as a gallery of sorts, or in this case, a way to show projects. They can add sections to inform potential clients and showcase what they can do. 


Their team can now easily adjust their site at their leisure.  And as they continue to grow, their site can grow along with them.   Plus, their site looks killer on any desktop, smartphone, or tablet.  We love making the world mobile!


If you’re looking to build a website, or looking for some web help–we’d love to assist!  Contact us for more information about what we can do to make your site mobile and easy to update.  We have a crazy talented staff that can super customize your site, or help you build your own!